Elevate your Laguna bandsaw's performance by upgrading your guide blocks. Perfectly tailored for models like Laguna 18BX, LT18, and Laguna 1412. Kit includes upper/lower guides, brackets, and hardware.

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Laguna 14|12 Bandsaw Blade Guide Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your saw's capabilities with our Laguna guide kits, specifically designed for the Laguna 14|12 model. This exceptional blade guide upgrade kit is your go-to solution for achieving consistent blade tracking and reducing friction. The kit features sealed ball bearing roller guides, enhancing cutting precision and minimizing blade friction for a smoother operation and prolonged blade lifespan.
  • Precision Roller Bearing Guides: The advanced roller bearing guides ensure cooler running, extended blade life, and improved accuracy for all your woodworking projects.
  • Versatile & Rugged Guides: These durable bandsaw guide kits are ideal for a wide range of tasks, including general woodworking and resawing applications.
  • Adjustable & Compatible: Easily adapt the blade guides to accommodate blade widths ranging from 3/16" to 1", providing flexibility for various cutting requirements.
Experience the difference the Laguna 14|12 blade guide upgrade kit can make for your woodworking projects. Boost your saw's performance and achieve outstanding results - upgrade today!
Compatible withLAGUNA 14|12
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Compatible with

Laguna 14|12

Laguna HD Guide Conversion Kit

Introducing the Laguna HD Guide Conversion Kit - a premium upgrade for your bandsaw that enhances performance and durability. This comprehensive kit is designed to fit a wide range of Laguna saw models, providing exceptional blade stability and longevity with its precision roller bearing guides. Experience improved accuracy and smoother cuts with this all-in-one solution for your woodworking needs.
  • Precision roller bearing guides for cooler running and extended blade life
  • Rugged guides designed for general work and resawing tasks
  • Compatible with Laguna saw models: LT16HD, LT18, LT20, Resaw Master, LT24, and LT28
  • Excludes Laguna 16 HD made prior to 2002 (Use JET1 Stabilizer for Laguna 14/12)
This all-bearing kit is engineered to provide increased accuracy and smoother cuts, perfect for both general woodworking tasks and resawing operations. Offering compatibility with a variety of Laguna saw models, this conversion kit is a must-have addition to your workshop.
Extra wide conversion kit available, for blade sizes from 1/2″ to 1 1/4″ CONTACT US
Compatible with
LT16HD LT18 LT20 Resaw Master LT24 LT28
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Compatible with

Laguna LT16HD
Laguna LT18
Laguna LT20
Laguna LT24
Laguna LT28
Laguna Resaw Master

Laguna 01 Guide Conversion Kit

Introducing the Laguna 01 Conversion Kit - an easy yet effective solution to enhance your saw's performance! Achieve smoother cuts and extended blade life with our high-quality sealed ball bearing roller guides. This kit is ideal for non-Euro style saws and will elevate your woodworking projects.
  • Superior Blade Performance: By reducing friction, our roller guides deliver smoother cuts and increased blade life.
  • Greater Accuracy: Thanks to the sealed ball bearing roller guides, your saw's cutting precision is significantly improved, resulting in better-looking projects.
  • Perfect Fit: Specifically designed for Laguna LT14-3000, LT16-3000, LT18-3000, LT14SE, LT14SEL, LT14SUV 14BX, 18BX, 18CX & 1412 model saws with ceramic guides.
  • Versatile Adjustability: Effortlessly adapt the guides to accommodate blade widths between 3/16" and 1", catering to diverse cutting requirements.
Make the switch to the Laguna 01 Conversion Kit and notice the remarkable difference in your woodworking projects.
Compatible with
LT14-3000 LT16-3000 LT18-3000 LT14SE LT14SEL
LT14SUV 14BX 18BX 18CX 1412 with ceramic guides
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Compatible with
Laguna 14|12 with ceramic guides

Laguna LT14-3000
Laguna LT16-3000
Laguna LT18-3000
Laguna LT14SE
Laguna LT14SEL
Laguna LT14SUV
Laguna 14BX
Laguna 18BX
Laguna 18CX

Laguna 02 Guide Conversion Kit

Meet the Laguna 02 Guide Conversion Kit, an all bearing kit that is designed to enhance your bandsaw's performance by promoting cooler running and extending blade life. This kit is the perfect companion for both general woodworking and resawing operations.
  • Precision roller bearing guides for cooler blade operation
  • Extends the life of your bandsaw blade
  • Robust guides ideal for general work and resawing
  • Extra wide conversion kit to support blade sizes from 1/2″ to 1 1/4″
  • Compatible with Laguna 16″ to 20″ Saws with Euro style guides
Upgrade your saw with the Laguna 02 Guide Conversion Kit and experience superior performance and extended blade life. The precision roller bearing guides contribute to cooler blade operation, which in turn prolongs blade life. The rugged guides are ideally suited for general work and resawing. Further, the kit includes an extra wide conversion kit that supports blade sizes from 1/2″ to 1 1/4″. Designed exclusively for Laguna 16″ to 20″ Saws with Euro style guides, this kit is a must-have for any serious woodworker.
Compatible with
Laguna 16" to 20" Saws with Euro style guides
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Compatible with
Laguna 16″ to 20″ Saws

with Euro style guides

Product Details

Boost your Laguna band saw’s performance. Our Laguna bandsaw guide upgrade kits come with premium adapters and guide components, tailored specifically for models like Laguna 18BX, Laguna 24 bandsaw, Laguna LT18, and Laguna 1412. Whether you’re fitting Laguna band saw guide blocks or seeking optimal precision with Laguna band saw blades, our kit ensures impeccable accuracy and reliable cuts.

Industrial Quality
Made with 6061 high-grade aluminum.
Long-Lasting Performance
Reduces blade stress, extends life.
Consistent Efficiency
Cleaner cuts, increase cutting accuracy.


  • Upgrade your Laguna band saw with our precision guide assembly, designed to replace both lower and upper factory blade guide assemblies.
  • Our kit is comprehensive, including upper and lower guides, mounting brackets, studs, screws, and (where necessary) a guard adapter bracket.


  • Engineered specifically for the Laguna bandsaw range, including models like the Laguna 18BX, Laguna 24 bandsaw, Laguna LT18, and Laguna 1412.
  • The blade is subtly positioned by solid blocks, while thrust management is handled by the side of a ball bearing.
  • Constructed with premium high-grade aluminum, tailored for Laguna band saw blades.
  • Incorporates top-notch sealed ball bearings: two bearings stabilize the blade from each side, while a third manages thrust.


  • Achieve unparalleled precision: experience cleaner cuts, quieter operations, and minimize wasted material.
  • A game-changer for Laguna band saw owners: numerous users attest to the Guide Kits’ enhancement of overall saw performance, dramatic reduction in blade friction, and marked improvement in cutting accuracy.
  • Perfectly compatible with Laguna band saw guide blocks and designed to elevate your Laguna bandsaw experience.

Community Reviews

Jet Bandsaw Upgrade "Bought these for my Jet and they are awesome" Michael R.

Upgrade Success
"My old Ridgid is a brand new, more efficient, accurate saw after the upgrade. Highly recommend !"
Pete W.

Game Changer
"I bought some of there bandsaw blades for my harbor freight deep cut saw they are great way better than what came with it."
Mike C.

Craftsman Bandsaw Upgrade
"I was about ready to scrap my 28 year old craftsman bandsaw cuz the part was obsolete, then I seen your add. Parts went on easy and work awesome..."
Michael H.

Precision Upgrade
"Bought a Guide Kit for my 14” Central Mahinery HarbourFreight Ban Saw..... WOW... Huge difference. Making some fine cuts that I never thought I would be able to make. Thank You"
Craig D.

Grizzly Saw Upgrade
"I installed this kit on my Grizzly bandsaw. It was a major improvement, like I bought a new saw."
Bill K.