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Sears/Craftsman 12″ Model 113 Guide Conversion Kit

Enhance your saw's performance with the Sears 12" Conversion Kit, designed to upgrade your cutting experience through the integration of precision-engineered sealed ball bearing roller guides. This innovative kit provides your saw with reduced blade friction, improving cutting accuracy and ensuring smoother operation. Key Features:
  • Sealed Ball Bearing Roller Guides: Expertly crafted roller guides decrease blade friction, enhancing cutting precision and promoting longer blade life.
  • Improved Cutting Accuracy: Experience better woodworking results with the increased precision offered by our high-quality conversion kit.
  • Adjustable & Compatible: This kit is versatile, adjusting to accommodate blade widths from 3/16" to 1", allowing for optimal flexibility in your cutting projects.
Compatibility Requirements:
  • Your saw must have a hex-shaped upper post.
  • Your saw must have a tilt table feature.
  • This guide is specifically designed for Sears 12" Model 113 saws with a tilt table and hex post.
Upgrade your saw's performance today with the Sears 12" Conversion Kit, and enjoy superior cutting accuracy and reduced blade friction for all your woodworking projects.
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Sears 14 Guide Conversion Kit

Experience a significant upgrade in your saw's performance with the Sears 14" Guide Conversion Kit. This essential tool effortlessly improves your cutting precision and efficiency.
  • Enhanced Roller Guides: The kit features sealed ball bearing roller guides that drastically reduce blade friction, ensuring smoother and more efficient cuts.
  • Improved Cutting Accuracy: Experience a notable increase in your saw's cutting accuracy, making your work more precise and professional.
  • Adjustable for Versatility: Designed to be highly adjustable, the conversion kit can accommodate blade widths ranging from 3/16" to 1", offering compatibility with a wide range of blades.
  • Easy Installation: Simple and user-friendly, the conversion kit can be easily installed on your existing saw, providing an instant upgrade in performance.
Upgrade your saw to a whole new level of performance with the Sears 14" Guide Conversion Kit. This high-quality addition will bring a new level of accuracy and efficiency to your woodworking projects, making your work more precise and professional. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your saw's capabilities and improve the quality of your craftsmanship.
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Sears Craftsman 16″ Guide Conversion Kit

  • These rugged guides are perfect for general work and re-sawing
  • This bearing kit uses precision made roller bearing guides to promote cooler running and longer blade life
  • Extra wide conversion kit available to allow use of blade sizes from 1/2" to 1 1/4"
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