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Dayton 16/18″ Guide Upgrade Kit

Introducing the Dayton 16/18 Conversion Kit – the ideal solution for your band saw! Elevate your woodworking experience with precision and performance that stands out.
  • Precision Roller Bearing Guides: Equipped with high-precision roller bearing guides for improved accuracy and smoother operation.
  • Cooler Running: Reduce heat buildup and extend the life of your saw blades.
  • Enhanced Blade Life: Enjoy longer blade life and save money on replacements.
  • Rugged Design: Our robust guides are perfect for heavy-duty tasks including resawing and general woodworking.
  • Easy to Install: Step up your band saw game without any hassle, with our easy-to-install conversion kit.
Invest in your woodworking craft with the Dayton 16/18 Conversion Kit. Enhance your precision and performance, making every cut smoother and more accurate than ever. Elevate your band saw experience with GuideKits – quality that lasts.
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