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Rockwell/Delta 28-3X5 Guide Upgrade Kit

Enhance your cutting precision with our Rockwell Delta 28-3X5 bandsaw guide upgrade conversion kit. Expertly crafted for models featuring guides atop the saw frame beneath the table, this kit is the perfect fit for your Rockwell Delta band saw.
  • Compatibility: Tailored specifically for Rockwell/Delta 28-3X5 models with top-mounted guides.
  • Uniform Design: Ensure symmetry with matching upper and lower guides.
  • All-Bearing Kit: Features roller bearing guides to minimize friction, cool operation, and boost blade longevity.
  • Rugged Roller Guides: Whether it's general woodworking or resawing, enjoy smooth, pinpoint cuts every time.
  • Performance Boost: Elevate your precision, ensuring smoother cuts and efficiency in all woodworking endeavors.
Invest in the best. Upgrade to our Rockwell Delta 28-3X5 kit for consistent, sharp, and precise results in every woodworking project.
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