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Buffalo 14″ Guide Upgrade Kit

Transform your Buffalo band saw with our 14" conversion kit. Engineered to enhance your saw's performance, this upgrade kit employs precision sealed ball bearing roller guides, significantly reducing blade friction and offering a smoother operation.
  • Precision Sealed Ball Bearing Roller Guides: Enjoy reduced blade friction and smoother saw operation.
  • Improved Cutting Accuracy: Achieve cleaner, more precise cuts with our upgraded guide system.
  • Adjustable for Various Blade Widths: Designed to accommodate blades ranging from 3/16" to 1” in width, ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of cutting tasks.
  • Easy Installation: Our kit is user-friendly and simple to install, so you can quickly upgrade your band saw and get back to work.
Elevate your band saw experience with the 14" Buffalo Band Saw Guide Conversion Kit. Upgrade now and discover a world of precision, accuracy, and efficiency in every cut.
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